Documentary WAVE: The Rise of the Cheetah Generation – Heated Moment, General Election of Kenya

Election in the World’s Largest Slum

In the capital city of Nairobi, half of the residents live in slums. A young man from a slum decided to run in the general election next March. He is George Otieno, leader of a youth organization. He lives in Kibera slum, home to one million people, which is said to be the world’s largest slum. Until now, the slums did not receive any political benefits because they are illegal. On the other hand, it is said that the winning or losing the election depends on votes from the slums. Therefore, wealthy candidates often buy votes and slums are used as a political tool. Furthermore, the government launched a slum clearance from the end of last year and tens of thousands lost their homes. Life in the slums is under threat.
While other candidates develop their campaigns based on their wealth, how can he possibly win? Furthermore, how will he stop the destruction of the slums that is expected to follow the general election? How can he and his supporters defeat the corruption and bribery and protect the slums? The program follows the future of democracy in Africa through a general election held once every five years in Kenya.

Director: Naoki Uchiyama
Company: TEMJIN Co.,Ltd Length: 60 minutes (HD)
Filming date: January – December 2013 Genre: Current affair